Social Technologies Helping Organization Values


Amdocs is an Israel based firm which is an provider of software and services to communication and media industries. The company develop, deploy and manages the software and provides services for business support, billing and Customer Relation Management tools (CRM). Amdocs is market leader in telecommunication software and service provider. There major clients are AT&T, BT Group, Sprint and T-Mobile. Amdocs is having branch more than 50 countries and having product like Amdocs OSS, Revenue Management, Customer Management, Self Service and Service delivery. Amdocs provide services like Business consultant, Support Service, Global strategic sourcing and System integration.

Do you know how Amdocs gets his feedback on their product and service right through the end users? Yes, they are using social media like Facebook, Blogs and Twitter.

But we might be wondering why and how they are using this social media to improve their Customer Service and Business Support? They are updating and looking for following points on their blogs and pages:

1. Improve Productivity:

Facebook and twitter are the best media to share and take feedback on the product they are providing to the end users. They get feedback on the product as soon as they launch in the market. Which reduce the time of manufacturing a patch for the bug/issue. Improvement on product keep takes place until the clients don’t demand or are unsatisfied.

2. Customer Service:

As we all know every firm has a call center for customer service, but call center really don’t help with the complaints and especially with feedback. They consider this social media as they get complaints and feedback from users who are using their own product.

3.Business Support Functions:



Amdocs is providing services to daddies of telecom sector like AT&T and BT groups. Amdocs have to follow there thought and look after there experience on the services. 80% of the user do post there request on social media where they can be taken in consideration and telecom firms try to satisfy the clients. The role of Amdocs is to take in the consideration of user feedback and work on the requirements which help to organization to keep the business live 24X7.



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