Legal Policy of Social Media

Why an Organization should have social media policies? What can be they?

In today’s era an organization prefer to promote their organization on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They post their job requirement, new product launch, updates about the activities or any new events to be conduct. But due to Organization rules and values, they have some policy towards social media.

To easy to understand about the social media policy I would like to take an example of “Queensland Government” (QLD Government).

According to QLD Government policy, few social media policy are as follows:

A.    To Market Your Business:

Business and Industial Portal

Business and Industial Portal

1.   To promote the business, social media can be used:

  • Promote the name of business.
  • Tell customer about your service.
  • To get feedback.

2.   Advantage of using social media policy:

  • It increases the network.
  • It provides the ability to target small groups.
  • Social media is free or at low cost where organization can promote.

3.   Risk of Social Media:

  • Time consuming and money consuming with no return 😦
  • Incorrect information post by organization 😮 and negative feedback by customers.
  • To follow legal policy, in case of breach, penalties may be charged.

B. For Department Promotion:

Social Media for School, TAFE and Departmental Promotion

Social Media for School, TAFE and Departmental Promotion

School, Universites and TAFE may use facebook, MySpace, Yammer, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube to promote the departments.

1.  Reponsiblities can be:

  • Refer to the DETE Code of Conduct Standard of Practice.
  • Not to use any internal learning website used by teachers or school resource on social media.
  • Approval of social media accounts by higher authorities or Board Of Directors.
  • Approval of all the contents.

2.  Planned process:

  • Check if organization needs a social media account.
  • While creating account, a valid account details should be provided.
  • Social media website should be monitored thoroughly.
  • A separate division or technician should be created to keep an eye.

3.  Alegations of Harm:

C. Social Media And Public Officials

Social media and public officials

Social media and public officials

Social media is used to share information, promote and build discussion. Public official needs to consider the misconduction prevention policies:

  1. Official Use:
  • Organizations are increasingly using social media for broad communications with the public but it has to be up-to-the-minute.
  • Using social media for official purpose.
  • For official use of social media, agencies should refer to the Queensland Government Official use of social media policy, and ensure that they have conducted suitable risk assessments and developed adequate policies and procedures governing all official use.

2.   Personal Use:

Organizations have responsibitlity to educate employee to use of social media policy.

  • To reduce the risk of misuse, organizations like Banks and Telecom sectors block the social website in the Organizations.
  • They follow certain code of conduct which is defined by the organization and government.
  • In case of breach of any misconduct of policy, action may be taken towards the employee.


As we all know that for any social act, there are pros and cons of the post, blogs, images etc. We need to act with in the policy to be a successful 😉 🙂




4 thoughts on “Legal Policy of Social Media

  1. hi Ashwin,

    This is very good post, i learn something new today.

    although i have an question about risk using social media especially for company, do you think that for a big company that uses social media to promote and engage customer, the administrator must stay the same? or do you think that several people can get access as the administrator? because i have a story where because he company did not give proper guidance or monitoring, the administrator engage customer in a pretty bad way and end up hurt the company image in public. what do you think?

  2. Administrator access only Trusted employee gets. Few departments only have admin access, rest can only read. Yes, admin people have to be alert on there work because on them a lot of dependency is there.

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