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“The Smith Family”

“The Smith Family” is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

There are more than 638,000 children are living in disadvantage and don’t have access to the education, health or life opportunities that we have and we consider it in granted. The children which are left out, they get behind and have no support, this disadvantage will leads to adulthood, to our future.


We believe and know that education is the key of success in life. It will change a child life, and by supporting to children it will break the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring they too can have the same opportunities as their peers.

So we might be wondering how “The Smith family” support the underprivileged children. Smith Family provides financial support, Emotional literacy, working with Indigenous Australians and other part of ways in life.

We might be thinking how The Smith Family is using Enterprise and Social media tools and how they are in the McKinsey levers. The Smith Family using Facebook,

YouTube and Twitter. Smith Family uses these media to broadcast the event, programs or news about the foundation.


How The Smith Family might support this disadvantage people? Here McKinsey “Customer Service” lever comes into picture.

Now you might be thinking this is non-profit foundation and they should not have any customer, but do you the disadvantage people are their customer and client like Microsoft and IBM provide a big contribution towards the society through The Smith Family. Please recall how they support the disadvantage people for a second, donation, sponsors, Volunteering and fund raising activities.

The Smith Family gives a platform to the sponsors and volunteers to help these disadvantage people. They come to their places and help them with education, healthcare and providing other amenities. The corporates support the event to promote and provide a volunteer to work with underprivileged student. They also have mentoring program, in which they engage the employees to volunteer the group of child which give benefits to people who dont have access to the technology. It give a big platform to educate, participate in work force and communicating.

The video explain how a corporate help the people through “The Smith Families”.


IBM And The Smith Family


“My mentor taught me that everything is possible if I believe in myself.”
– iTrack Student

For Example, since 2002 IBM and The Smith Family are providing an Online Mentoring program for school aged students called i-Track. This program help underprivileged student who are facing financial problem during transition of school to work, where IBM provides them experience, encouragement and advice. In 2012, online mentoring programs were coordinated in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA, providing support to over 120 students. To date, IBM employees have mentored more than 745 students through this program.


QUT and The Smith Family

The more interesting part, Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) joined The Smith family (TSF) in 2005 to develop and promote to engage TSF’s learning of Life program students. QUT motivated students for higher education. In today’s date, dozens of disadvantage people are graduating with the degree in Creative Industries, Engineering and Education. The University is proud to be in partnership with TSF in pursuit of fair access to higher education.

This is how “The Smith Family” is providing services to the disadvantage people and acting as a help hand to future of Australia. Be part of “The Smith Family” and help to grow Australia, to grow you, signing in today to THE SMITH FAMILY (Click Here).

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