Apple Is Not Just Apple :)

You might be thinking that why I have said “Apple is not just Apple”. As Apple is proudly and honorably known for the PC, cell phones, iPOD and iPAD. Apple has given a quality product to the consumer. Apple has year-over change of approx. 90.5% as compared to other cell phones in market.
Apple In Socialization

Apple In Socialization

But do you know how Apple is using blogs and Twitter? Or Why they will be using?

Apple is constantly using Twitter for twitting news and spread the word of their new iPhone “iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S” and what was the motto for releasing the iPhone 5C with iPhone 5S when there was no news about iPhone 5C in the market. The feature of iPhone 5S has been released before product comes to the market and we are pretty much aware of the exclusive specification of iPhone 5S. I would like to talk about iPhone 5C and how they have publicized both the iPhone using twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Apple = Twitter + Blogs

Apple = Twitter + Blogs

One of the Apple’s twitter account twits about the new iPhone launch of iPhone 5S and 5C in New York on the same day of product launching. They also revealed the screenshot of the iPhone, their features and yes the prices in US. Later after couple of days they twitted the prices in other countries and comparison of prices with respect to other Dollar exchange rate.

Sad, Australia will be getting in higher prices than the U.S.


As I have mentioned in my earlier blog, each firm is keeping track of their friends and rivals. Apple keeps tracks of Microsoft for the windows updates and Google for the android versions. We can say, in today’s world we have two major platforms in Computer (windows or Mac OS) and Cell phone (Android or iOS) sector. As we can see in below screens how apple is updating the news of Microsoft and Google.


Apple also has an official blogging website on which they highlight all news related to Apple products. On this web page they talk about only and only Apple products, there new feature, patch for Mac OS, announcement or achievements of an milestones or goals.

According to McKinsey Value levers, Apple widely uses the Marketing and Sales functions to promote and achieve the precision in technology which will increase the growth all over the world. Organization like Apple also needs to do market research about product and brands which will lead them to be on the top of all the companies in mobile sector. Apple knows how social media can impact the consumer to gain the sales rate. How social media can really help in growth of Apple Stocks.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Is Not Just Apple :)

  1. Hi Ashwin, interesting post on Apple’s use of social media. I had never considered their “Hot News” section of their website as a blog before! However, do you feel that Apple engages with their customers (and detractors) well using social media? The Twitter feed you’ve cited appears to me to be only a way-conversation, annoucing news and updates but with no interaction going on with the customers via Twitter. Maybe things will improve on that front, as current Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently joined and and started tweeting over the last few weeks.

    • Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for asking, Actually apple to interact with social media, as on Facebook page of Apple News Australia, I have asked the price of iPhone 5S and 5C when it was launched in US, and they replied saying “It is not confirmed yet, we will announce once price is declared” It seems they are aware of product popularity in people and they want to keep up to the mark. I hope new CEO do some magic on Australian Apple Market 🙂

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