Social Media Monitoring Tools


In previous blog we have discuss how business can be enhanced using social media tools like blogs, twitter and wiki’s. Today we will learn about the Social Media Monitoring tools (SMM). Why the organization uses this tools, what tools are available and how they can be used as a helping hand.

The internet has made 24/7 news a reality and social media monitoring tools are available to help you get things organized whether on a personal or business level. There is now continual data being uploaded to social media by users all over the world. Social media users can now manage the news and information they receive according to their interests and needs.

SMM tools allow you to measure, monitor, understand and engage with social media users. SMM have following benefits:

  • Covers all major social media sources
  • Facebook Page Central
  • Automated Sentiment
  • Engagement Central
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • No Spam
  • Global and multi-language

There is n number of free SMM tools in the market. But which one to choose that will fulfil your requirements? To select the SMM we need to consider few points:

  • Ease of use – You definitely want social media monitoring tools that are easy to use and learn.
  • Cost – Some tools charge a fee and some are free. is a great tool that is free. Take into account the cost of monitoring your social media verses the benefits.
  • Content monitored – When choosing a social media monitoring tool be sure that it is capable of handling the content that you want to monitor.
  • Device usage – Check to see if the tool you would like to use is compatible with your device.

SMM tools should make your life easier and provide a benefit to you. Some tools are: dd

Among all this freeware SMM Tools, I would like to talk on Hootsuite SMM tool.


Launched in Dec. 2008 by Invoke Media, HootSuite’s rapidly growing user base includes governments, artists and organizations like The White House, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, SXSW and Zappos. Accolades include awards from Mashable’s Open Web, Canadian New Media, and Shorty Awards. HootSuite is a social media dashboard that helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels.

Using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard, teams can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, and other social networks. Updates can be published via web, desktop, or mobile platforms, and teams can track campaign results and industry trends to rapidly adjust tactics.

San deigo Zoo and HootSuite story 🙂

Simply put, personalized content makes applications and user experience better. HootSuite cloud is offering a simple yet powerful way to add content to existing applications or to design new ones.

On personally based experience, You just need to get an account on HootSuite Website and add all the different social media which you want to monitor. As shown below in screen shot we can add the the social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. Later we can monitor the website with particular feeds. With use of HootSuite I can do below task at my finger point:

  1. Monitor Multiple Streams in One Place
  2. You Have a Team Managing Your Social Media Empire
  3. Managing Customer Service on Twitter
  4. You Want to Cross Post to Your Google+ Page
  5. Completely Cross Platform
  6. Get Free Reports by Email
  7. You Want to Connect Lots of Services Together

HootSuite Home Page at finger tips


HootSuite Adding other social media

I hope this gives a brief idea on how the HootSuite and other social media works and can be used in an SMM tool for an organization.